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Tom Coughlan Genealogy Research


Irish Counties Researched

To date, we've carried out research in 31 of Ireland's 32 counties, only Derry/Londonderry has escaped the net so far.

In the listing below, counties whose records we have conducted extensive research in are shown in blue.

Extensive in this case means that considerable research has gone into a number of families, or a number of areas, and among a substantial number of records, within the county.

Antrim Dublin Limerick Sligo
Armagh Fermanagh Longford Tipperary
Carlow Galway Louth Tyrone
Cavan Kerry Mayo Waterford
Clare Kildare Meath Westmeath
Cork Kilkenny Monaghan Wexford
Donegal Laois Offaly Wicklow
Down Leitrim Roscommon  

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