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Tom Coughlan Genealogy Research


Surnames Researched

The following shows just some of the surnames encountered during various research projects undertaken by us. It is by no means a full listing of all surnames researched or encountered. Have a look - perhaps some name of interest to you is among them!

A Allen Aylmer                
B Barry Bohan Bredican Brennan Burke Burton Butler Byrne    
C Carroll Close Cochrane Coughlan Cramphorn Creane Cunningham      
D Dalton D'Alton Daly Dennigan Diffley Doyle        
E Edgeworth Eustace                
F Fallon Fanning Fitzgerald              
G Gaffney Gallagher Gamble Garbutt Geelan Gibson Goor Grehan Gunne  
H Healy                  
I Ireland                  
J Jackman                  
K Kelly Kennedy Kenny Kilfeather Kilrane          
L Lane Lavin                
M Madden Manning Mansfield Maunsell Mercier Mooney Moore Mullen Murphy Murray
N Nicholl Nolan Nugent              
O O'Beirne O'Brien O'Farrell              
P Parke Pearson Plunkett              
Q Quinn                  
R Reynolds Ring Ringrose Roberts Roche Rogan        
S Slacke Smith                
T Terry Tompkins                
U Usher                  
V Vaughan                  
W Walsh Weir White              
Y Yorke                  

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