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Two binding options are offered. Each has its advantages.

Option 1: Wire-bound

The primary advantage of the wire-binding option is that it allows the booklet to be presented with an illustrated cover (front and rear, if required). The suggested format of a wire-bound booklet is to have clear plastic sheet on the front, with an illustrated Cover page, printed on card, next. If an illustrated back cover is also appropriate, then another clear plastic sheet would protect that.

A second advantage is one of cost: this option is about 40 cheaper than a hard-bound booklet.  Click images below to see some photos of a wire-bound booklet.

Option 2: Hard-bound

Hard covers provide a more formal and elegant finish to a Family History. The photo in the gallery, though not from a Family History, gives a good idea of the finish. Other colours, such as maroon and olive, are also possible.

It is not presently possible to incorporate any images on the covers of this type of binding. But the finished product has a classical feel to it, and would look well on any bookshelf. Click Binding Gallery button below to see the finish in more detail.


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