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Tom Coughlan Genealogy Research


Classes and Talks

Since 2009, Tom has conducted an evening class in Newpark School's Adult Education Centre in Dublin. The class consists of two sections: Beginners and Advanced.

The Beginners Class is aimed at those who are about to start researching their family histories, or those who have just started but would like some guidance as to how best to proceed. It consists of 10 2 hour sessions, and covers in detail all of the standard sources that are likely to be consulted in the earlier stages of research: Civil Records, Censuses, Parish Records; it then looks at a variety of other sources in less detail. The lessons include visits from guest speakers, such as other genealogists, and representatives from some of the major repositories, such as the National Archives or Dublin City Archives. If possible, a site visit to the National Library is also included.

The Advanced Class consists of between 8 to 10 lessons, depending on how early in the calendar year Easter falls! It assumes that those attending have either been at the earlier Beginners Class or have already spent some time in researching among the basis sources. The lessons are more anecdotally based, using my own experiences of various lesser used sources and how accessing them can help fill in the gaps in a family story.


Over the years, Tom has given talks on various aspects of genealogical research to such widely differing audiences as Historical societies and the Irish Countrywomens Association.



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