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Tom Coughlan Genealogy Research



Assessments of requests for estimates/feasibility of research are provided free of charge. See Assessments.

We do not operate a set pricing structure. Having completed hundreds of research projects of varying sizes, we can say that no two requests are ever the same. Even simple record finding requests can differ significantly in terms of time taken or costs of documents. Therefore, we prefer to assess each request on its merits, and then quote either a fixed cost or a range of possible prices, depending on which is more appropriate.

If we agree a fixed price, then that is what will be charged, regardless of time taken.

If we quote a price range, then even if the time spent exceeds that estimated, the charge will not exceed the maximum price quoted. And if the time spent is less than that estimated, we will reduce the final charge accordingly.

It is important to note that the fees involved are for research conducted - the charges are for our time, not for results. Even professional genealogists have to eat - so even if the agreed research fails to find the expected or sought after results, the fees agreed will still be due.

The final amount due will be a combination of Fees and Charges.

Fees: Our current rate per hour is 40. The minimum fee is 25, after which the charge is determined purely by time spent. This time includes Research, Analysis and Reporting.

Charges arise from Travel, Documents Obtained, and "Other":


  • within County Dublin - No Charge
  • within County Leitrim - No Charge
  • Anywhere else we charge the cost of travel, and for the time taken in travelling. If accommodation or subsistence costs arise, these will be charged for at cost.

Some repositories charge search fees. Some charge for document copies. Some (local churches) expect a donation even if no set fee is in place. These are all charged to the client at cost.

The most common 'other' charge is Postage, which, like all other charges, will be at cost.