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About Janet May


Janet May

Janet has been engaged in professional genealogical research for several years. She uses her keen interest in history and people to advantage in all her work, and brings with her extensive experience in providing a good customer service.

Janet has conducted research in all of the main Irish repositories, and among all the main types of records, including:

National Library of Ireland: Catholic Parish Registers, Manuscripts, Books and Journals, Newspapers

National Archives of Ireland: Census records, Wills and Testamentary records, Tithe Applotment Books, Valuation Office records, R.I.C. records

Representative Church Body Library: Church of Ireland Parish Registers

Valuation Office: Cancelled Land Books

General Register Office: Indexes and records.

She has also worked in numerous other repositories (including PRONI) researching Workhouse records, non Catholic registers, Deeds, local newspapers, and just about anything else that comes into play in research.

Janet is also hugely experienced in use of all major and reliable online sites of Irish genealogical interest.

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