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Tom Coughlan Genealogy Research


Published Articles

Over the past few years,  Tom Coughlan has had a number of genealogical articles published in various journals and magazines. Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, the articles cannot be reproduced here, but the following lists publications to August 2010.


Article Name Publication Issue Details
A Nation of Saints Family Tree Magazine October 2006, Page 12
A Nation of Johns and Marys Irish Roots Qtr 3, 2006, Page 10
The Trouble with Townlands Irish Roots Qtr 1, 2007, Page 14
Research in Old Irish Genealogies Irish Roots Qtr 3, 2007, Page 22
The MacRaghnalls of Leitrim Irish Roots Qtr 4, 2007, Page 22
An Annotated Listing of Published Memorial Inscriptions for County Leitrim GSI Journal 2008
Removing the Cousins Mystery Irish Roots Qtr 1, 2008, Page 22
Uprooted (see picture below) Irish Roots Qtr 1, 2009, Page 18
Drumsna Graveyard, Co Leitrim  (see picture below) Irish Roots Qtr 4, 2009, Page 12
Location, Location, Location Irish Roots Qtr 2, 2010, Page 18
Location, Ireland Family Tree August 2010, Page 31


Back copies of some of these can be obtained.

For back copies of Irish Roots, prior to 2008, see http://irishroots.ie/

For back copies of Irish Roots, from 2008 onwards, see http://www.irishrootsmedia.com/Issues

For a copy of the 2008 Journal of The Genealogical Society of Ireland (GSI) logon to http://www.familyhistory.ie/ for further details.