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Standard Reports

In addition to the normal graphical representation of genealogical data, there are also a number of standard format text reports that can be produced separately or as part of an overall research report.

Click on the examples below, based on my own family, to see some of these. (Remember to click your Browser's Back button to return to this page)


The Descendant Indented Chart, despite its name, is a text document that in effect displays the same information as a standard Pedigree chart, but in text only format.

The Kinship Report can be very useful. It shows the relationships between one person and all the other people on a pedigree chart/family tree.

The Journal is a potted biography of a person in purely narrative form, and includes details of his/her descendants.

The Individual Report is similar in many ways to the Journal, but concentrates on one individual's life only.

The Detail Report combines elements of both the Journal and Individual reports, to lay out the key events in an individual's life, in a tabular format.


Up Indented Descendants Kinship Journal Individual Narrative Individual Detail